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Finally, I got some time to deploy my blog!

Finally, I got some time to deploy my blog!

Honestly this took like 2-3 months already. I was planning to finish my new website for over 3 months, but finally I did it! It took some time, but at least I'm happy that finally I integrated everything with Latest Laravel 5.1 as I really wanted to see how it's performing.

So I finally did it, made the new look and feel, integrated Laravel, got the new server set and everything is up. It was kind of a internal fight with my wife actually when I was spending my nights doing this web site, but I knew that at some point I had to roll it out. I don't want to mention and the times when I was ignoring a bit my son, but finally I'm easily publish blog posts and write about different subjects that I'm interested.

My primary target for this blog is to write mainly related to technologies and management. How to make a process, team, company or overall structure better, faster, more effecient and happier. At some point I'm thinking that comments should be enabled but for now I will leave it like this.

Thanks in advance for everyone reading my posts. Cheers!

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Posted by Rosen Ivanov

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